Who is responsible for Tattoo After Care?

You’ve been to the Studio, you have a wonderful new piece of artwork adorning your body but who is responsible for the Tattoo After Care.  Today’s society is only too keen to pass on the responsibility for everything and anything to someone else and Tattooing is no exception.

Your Tattoo Artist has a responsibility to ensure that you are in a clean and well kept environment, to use sterile equipment and protective clothing to ensure that there is no risk of infection whilst you are having your tattoo done.  It can be argued that he or she also has a responsibility to give you full instructions on the general principles of Tattoo after care – in fact most reputable artists will give you a sheet of guidelines which, if followed correctly, will make sure your tattoo heals cleanly and with the minimum of trouble.

The key is in those few words ‘if followed correctly’.  So many people always think they know best and either don’t read the instructions or ignore them because they think they know better.  The responsibility for your Tattoo after care lies firmly with you – it’s a simple and easy process if you follow the basic rules and your tattoo will glow brightly for many years if you  keep to the rules. Leave the bandage on for the recommended time period, don’t be tempted to show off your new acquisition if you want it to stay looking good.  Wash it gently, just use your hands – nothing rough or abrasive, and pat it dry.  Use a good, gentle moisturising ointment – but be careful about antibacterial ones, they can cause allergic reactions.  Don’t let your tattoo get wet – a quick shower is OK but nothing else.  Above all don’t pick – it may itch and the desire to scratch is almost unbearable but don’t.  Use good quality products that are specially designed for good Tattoo After Care. That’s all.

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