What Tattoos Mean To Me

Gil's TattoosI browse the net – a lot. I find all kinds of things, some good, some bad. Some things I’m interested in, some I’m not. I was looking around the other day to see what kind of things people said about Tattoos that were personal to them, about what they mean and why they have them. I came across something I want to share with you. This site Gil’s Tattoos, is a page on Squidoo by their development engineer, and is about his view on Tattoos – he is a self-professed fanatic. More interesting though are his views on why he has Tattoos and the meaning behind his choices.

What struck me was the deeply personal nature of both the page and his tattoos. The Raft is a testament and tribute to the thought that he gives to each piece of body art – go visit, it will only take a moment – and it’s worth it!

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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