What Does A Tattoo Cost?

Like most things in life – if it’s good it doesn’t come cheap.  The cost of tattoos varies  and depends first on the skill of the Artist and his reputation.  Then you need to factor in all the costs that are associated with a business – the more upmarket the location, the more it will cost.  Your design is a huge factor too, is it off the shelf or something specially commissioned?

Many Tattoo Artists will make small alterations to a standard design without charge but if you want something completely unique  you will have to pay accordingly.  Small tattoos in a reputable studio will start from around $30  for something off the shelf and fairly basic, after that the sky is the limit.  Large projects can involve several visits to the Stuido and will end up costing hundreds of dollars.

It may seem expensive, but consider it like this – it’s a work of art, would you expect to get an original painting for peanuts?  Of course not, so why expect to get a Tattoo at a knockdown price.  Remember, it’s for life and you want it to look as good  as possible for as long as possible.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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