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Tattoos For Women – Tramp Stamp or Body Art?

Tattoos For WomenIt’s funny what triggers you to think about something totally unconnected from the original subject. I ended up being caught in a train of though about the positions on the body of Tattoos for women after I came across a forum post about tattoos on, would you believe, a Physics Forum! The debate was about the style of tattoo the forum moderator was going to choose and rambled on until one of the contributors posted the following comment having added a picture of a stunning Samoan Tribal Tattoo:-

“I think these are nice because they have real meaning to them. There not barb wire or some cheap thing on a girls lower back. I think these tattoos are nice, provided that your a Samoan”

I’m fully aware that this is a sweeping generalisation but, generally speaking, most women do tend to favor smaller tattoos, maybe just on the shoulder blade, wrists or ankles or even round the belly button, especially for those who favor hip hugger style jeans or crop tops. But what if you do want a larger tattoo – the choices are very limited, especially if you factor in that women are most likely to want to pick an area for a larger tattoo that won’t be affected by possible pregnancy, causing distortion. It leaves you with really only one choice – the lower back. That lays you open to comments like the one from the no doubt ‘learned gentleman’ quoted above, even though his grammar leaves a lot to be desired. Where did this social stigma come from, the so-called ‘Tramp Stamp’? Is it the reason Geri Halliwell had the Panther removed from her lower back last summer – despite the fact that the removal appears to have left surgical scarring, you can see the photos on Celebrity Warship.

The origins of the lower back tattoos are lost in the dim and distant past, just like the origins of tattooing itself but I’m reasonably certain that no one actually said ‘let’s put a lower back tattoo on easy women’! Where else could you put those luscious large tattoos for women and …forgive me for this final passing thought, but why does the same connotation not apply to men who have a lower back tattoo?

By Tricia

A passion for all things inked is shared by Tricia Myob. Tattoos are an art form in their own right and deserve to be recognised as such. Tattoos for women are one of her prime interests along with the proper tattoo after care to ensure it will remain magnificent for ever.

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A Tramp stamp calls attention to the rear end, which is subtly an admission of submission among primates. Arm and front torso tattoos highlight the biceps and shoulder muscles, which mean dominance. So men favor arm and chest tattoos while women highlight their rear ends to suggest sexual submission and so make themselves more attractive to males.

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