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The Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit is for the complete aftercare and perpetual care of your tattoos. The kit contains one each: Salve .75 oz, Deep Cleansing Soap for immediate healing, Quick Penetrating Lotion for moisturizing and enhancement, Color Guard Fade Protection Stick SPF-30 for outdoor and tanning protection. Great for gift giving or for those who want a one stop solution to tattoo aftercare. Complete aftercare instructions included. The kit comes in its own custom zipper carrying case.

User Reviews:-

” I bought Tattoo Goo Tattoo Aftercare coz I like to have the best in life. Had my tattoo done with a real pro and the tattoo looks great, So, the after care should do his work some justice. Having the tattoo heal perfectly was my goal and I am very very happy with the results i get with Tattoo Goo. Easy to use, heals the tattoo very well, affordable price. If you are getting tattoos done, this IS the product for YOU.”

” I purchased this product three weeks after having two tattoos done. I wish my shop sold this product. In a travel kit, are a tube of lotion, antibacterial liquid soap, a tin of ointment to help preserve colors and a sunblock stick. So far I have used the lotion and the ointment as I unluckily developed a rash around my tattoos (possibly from the lotion I previously used). I sought medical attention to get it cleared up right away, and am presently using the aftercare kit. The lotion is unscented, light and absorbs quickly. The ointment is natural, with a soothing scent, and it too prevents drying of a healing tattoo. Since it is winter, I haven’t had the chance to use the sunblock stick. The antibacterial soap is also being saved for another time. I am quite satisfied with the products offered by Tattoo Goo, and would recommend them highly.”

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