Tattoo After Care is Important for Men as Well

It occurred to me when  I saw a report of an Elvis Tribute tattoo that women traditionally take far more care of their bodies, but if you decorate your body tattoo after care is just as important for you men as it is for us girls.  A good piece of artwork is an investment and deserves to be looked after.  Apart from which the last thing you want is for it to look old, wrinkled and saggy.  Imagine spending 16 hours under the needle like Robert Gage did with his Tribute to Elvis Tattoo only to have it fade away – what kind of tribute would a wrinkled back be to the King of Rock and Roll.

Once your tattoo is healed, good basic skin care is all you need by way of tattoo after care to keep it looking good.  It’s a simple three step process – Wash, Moisturise, Block.

Step One – wash it with a suitable soap and dry it properly.  Step Two – moisturise it carefully to keep the skin supple and healthy.  Step Three – when you show it off, put a sunblock on.

A quick five minute regime can keep your tattoo looking good for years and looking after it can be fun – all those hard to reach places can be well tended by a good friend who’ll only be to happy to help!

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