Tattoo After Care – Antibacterial Creams or Not?

One of the hotly debated topics in Tattoo After Care is whether you should use an antibacterial cream or just a light moisturising cream.  The argument rages around the effect of the different creams on the skin.

A newly done tattoo is an open wound and should be treated with great care – the care you give your tattoo at this point will have an effect on how it looks for the rest of your life.  The last thing you want to do get an infection.  Most tattoo artists have extremely high standards of hygiene and with the coming of more regulations and health and hygiene inspections are happening more often.  Never be afraid to ask your Tattoo Artist what procedures they follow – they will always be only too glad to tell you.  They will also give you guidance on good tattoo after care.

If you keep your tattoo clean and follow the instructions you should be OK but what if you feel you want more – should you use an antibacterial cream or not?  The danger is an allergic reaction.  The fewer unsuitable substances that go near your open wound, the better.  You need to care for that Tattoo and keep the skin supple so  moisturisers are necessary and in the early days you also need to put something on it to prevent water damage whilst it heals.

Do a skin test before you have your tattoo done and just check out if you have any reaction – better safe than sorry!

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