Over 200 Beautiful Colored, Tribal and Black
Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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Whether you want a sleek Butterfly Foot Tattoo or a dramatic Lower Back Tattoo - this design pack has you covered.

Sexy and stylish, Butterfly tattoos look good on anyone, a tiny single butterfly on your wrist or a huge tribal across your back - they all look stunning. Use them as they are or get your artist to modify your favorite to suit you.


This unique book with over 200 designs contains color, tribal and black designs in every style you can think of.

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Butterfly tattoos represent charisma, beauty and diversity and carry a symbolism that crosses every culture.  In Aztec culture they are the souls of warriors, with strength and courage shining through.  Eastern Cultures see them as representing womanhood in all itís complex glory. Not only will you find hundreds of designs in the book but you can read more about them and find the style and meaning that suits you

  • Hand selected, beautiful and unique collection of designs

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  • High definition images make them easy to work from

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Expressive and beautiful, your butterfly tattoo will be unique to you. Butterfly tattoos are just about the most personal you can get. Designs come in loads of different sizes and styles to fit wherever you want to put it, whatever you want it to say. They move and flow with your body, changing with the mood and the moment.

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