Reality TV and Tattoo After Care

Reality TV has come the world of Tattooing – but what about Tattoo After Care?  They’ll show the glamour and the glitz of competition but what about caring for that scabby mess on your body til it heals and reveals the beauty beneath.

Reality TV is everywhere these days but I never thought it  would come to the world of Tattooing – how wrong I was.  “Tattoo Wars” came to The Learning Channel in October, joining shows like ‘Miami Ink’ and ‘L.A. Ink’. One episode was recorded at last year’s Seattle Tattoo Convention with Leo Zulueta from Spiral Tattoo up against his former student Rory Keating of Guru Tattoo.  Each episode will feature two artists working in the same genre going head to head at a Convention – voting takes place there as well.

Without doubt this is going to increase even further the popularity of body art and encourage more folks to give it a try, particularly as so many styles will be on display.  The only problem I can foresee is that amid the clash of competition some of the practicalities of day to day care won’t get a look in.  So many don’t necessarily realise that the first few days after having a tattoo you have to take care of it – lots of activities are restricted and lack of attention to small details of hygiene can damage all that wonderful artwork leaving you with a speckled and damaged image that doesn’t do justice to your beautiful body!

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