Foot Tattoos

Foot TattooFoot Tattoos are definitely more popular with women than men though I’ve never quite got my head round why – something for another day. However they are becoming more popular overall. There was a time when many Artists and Studios wouldn’t do them and lots of reasons why. You certainly need a Tattoo Artist who is experienced and has a good reputation. Foot Tattoos can be very painful and they are high maintenance so you need to make sure you really want one before you go ahead.

When you have a foot tattoo don’t go for a design that is is too complicated, it will take a lot of wear from shoes and socks and in time even a well healed tattoo can be worn away. You need to make sure you really look after the skin to help keep it looking good. In an ideal world you shouldn’t really wear socks or suchlike for at least three to four months and spend as much time without shoes rubbing on the tattooed area as possible. Going barefoot leads to it’s own problems as sun can fade your new artwork or even wipe it out completely so you really have to nuture that new design as if it were a baby. You will need a good factor 30 sunblock to protect it. Foot tattoos are probably also the most prone to infection as you have to keep it open and it’s close to all the dirt and debris on the ground, salt and chlorinated water are also best avoided whilst it is healing.

Choosing a design is also important – make sure you don’t pick anything too complicated as it won’t really be shown off at it’s best – you are better with something that is simple and striking to show it off at is best. A complicated foot tattoo will look like a kaleidoscope of colour rather than a design unless you look at it close up. These stars are a classic example of something that shows off both the foot and the Tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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