Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos are probably the single most popular tattoos for women at the moment, closely followed by flowers. The reasons behind that could be speculated on for ever but, at the risk of  being accused of gender bias, they go well with the generally softer female personality.  As Body tattoos go, they have a splendor all of their own and can be as true to life or as fantastical as you like to suit your personality and style.  The simple fact that they are so versatile in size and style is one of the big attractions, few designs are more popular.

Position is all important with any body art, Butterfly foot tattoos are often chosen because they fulfill the dreaded ‘safe for work’ attitude of many employers, though there are still a lot of tattoo artists who are not over keen on doing foot tattoos because of the potential problems.  They are ideal as first tattoo, or a fill in,  as even small ones, say an inch or so, can be striking.  Many women want something bigger so will go for a lower back tattoo which looks really good, and gives the artist plenty of scope to work. The bone and muscle structure of the lower back really lends itself to Butterfly Tattoos as they are usually so symmetrical, though I do like designs that stray away from the mirror image effect of the two wings.  Even a huge Butterfly can look delicate if you choose your colors and design carefully.


Butterfly Tattoo Designs


Having said that Butterfly tattoos are generally the choice of women, it’s not exclusive.  A lot of men go for Butterfly tattoos, usually tribal in style, more structured in a single color they pick up muscle definition well.   A very effective combination is a colored butterfly at the center of a tribal design in black.  They make quite a statement, so you need to be sure about the design and be guided by your artist.

Like most body tattoos, Butterflies carry a lot of different cultural meanings, along with your own reasons for having one.  They can have a fragile beauty, they are often seen as a symbol for the spirit within, mystical and magical reveling in the sunlight.  Equally in some cultures they are seen as symbolic of wealth and abundance, bright, glittery and jewel-like.   Flying high, bright and free, with their brief life span they are a reminder of  how precious beauty and freedom are to us.

Butterfly Tattoos are amongst the most versatile of designs, add a flower, a swirl, a subtle background and you have something unique and stunning that says much about how you view yourself and the world around you.

Image Courtesy of  Earl53

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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