Butterfly Foot Tattoos

Butterfly Foot TattooIf you are going to get a foot tattoo this is probably the best time of year to do it. Foot tattoos need as much air as possible to help them heal well so summer is definitely the best time. It is important to keep them clean as well so make sure that you wash them carefully and apply plenty of cream to keep out the dust and dirt during that all important early tattoo after care.

Choosing a foot tattoo design is something to give plenty of thought to – you want something that will look good when viewed from above when on a heavily curved surface so the perspectives need to be carefully considered. Flowing designs lend themselves to this very well, as do designs with a natural movement. Stars are very popular but you do need to be careful with these as the hard geometric shape can be badly distorted if they are too large. If you really want stars perhaps a sprinkling of small ones is the best way to go. My personal preference is for something natural such as butterflies and flowers – which can wind across the foot and ankle and even up onto your leg if you want something fairly large. My favorite has to be Butterflies – large or small. They look really good when placed well – across the top of the foot for a larger one, or just two or three little ones floating up the side of your foot and ankle if you want something a little more discrete.

A good artist will be able to give you a Butterfly foot tattoo that looks as if the wings are gently fluttering in the breeze, and the wings will be almost iridescent in the sunlight – so cool and cute!

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

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