Body Tattoos

Body TattoosBody Tattoos have been part of our culture forever. They may fall out of fashion every now and then but we will always have them.

There is all kinds of speculation about why we have them but there isn’t a single answer – it is just something we do. We probably have a different reason for every Tattoo that we have.

Tattoos for Men, Tattoos For Women, there are so many different styles and types. Each one we have is unique, there will never be two tattoos that are exactly the same. Each is a thing of beauty in it’s own way.

Butterfly TattooTattoo is a living art form, it is a very public statement of who and what we are. It’s not something to be done without thinking about it carefully first, but it’s not something to be afraid of either.

Whether you want a small, hidden tattoo or to have a complete suit the choice is yours and we aim to provide you with lots of knowledge, ideas and inspiration. If you have a Tattoo you want to show off – contact us.

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