Getting A Body Tattoo – The First Step

Body tattoosFull body tattoos are spectacular pieces of work, not to be undertaken lightly. Having a major body tattoo is not just a passing thought, it is something that requires commitment on many levels.    It is going to take time, it is going to be expensive, it is going to be painful and it is a lifestyle statement.  You need to think about all the steps involved before the needle touches your skin.

First, you need to be sure that you are ready for a major piece of work, how will it affect you and your lifestyle, rightly or wrongly some employers in some career areas do not look kindly on tattoos, particularly large body tattoos.  Provided that decision is out of the way then design has to be the next step.  If you are going for a full body tattoo, it can be worth looking at some of the tribal body tattoos which have a simplicity and clarity of design that lend themselves to a large piece of work. There are a huge number of good books on Body Tattoo Designs.  It might be that you have an image in mind that means something to you. Either way clarify your ideas, get some sample pictures and designs that you can discuss with your tattoo artist.

You might want to create a tattoo from a number of smaller parts, or link together some older work to create a single large body tattoo.  If that is the case it is critical that you discuss the progress of the work with your artist and make sure that everything is consistent – lettering styles, depth of color, style and structure.  This is easier if you are working from scratch, but a good artist will unify a series of older images even if it means touching up and overworking some of the originals.

Choosing your artist is as important as choosing your design, a good artist will work with you to create the image you want and won’t object however many times you tweak and change the design until you are happy with it.  Once the work is started it is far harder to make changes so everyone wants to make sure it is right first time.  I often think the first step should be to discuss the work you want with your artist before you start planning your body tattoo as they will be able to give you design and style ideas that will work with your body.

Before work starts make sure you have the whole body tattoo planned out, get a stencil done and placed on your body so that you can see how the design will flow around the body and how the movement of muscles will affect it.  Also think about what will happen if and when your body shape changes – and it will.  Body tattoos look spectacular when they are fist done but without maintenance, both your tattoo and your body will deteriorate and a beautiful image will become nothing but a faded remnant of a once beautiful piece of body art.

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